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Every time he looks my way I realize how much I adore those pretty eyes<3

Hey everyone! Well my name is paulina and I'm just a normal teenager trying to enjoy summer. I'm a friendly, joyful, sometimes hyper individual(: I love love love Big Bang!<3 They are my most favorite group ever. I'm just deeply in love with their music & of course them ;P My favorite member at the moment would be Taeyang<33 *drools* You gotta love him.
I'm pretty active online & at the moment I'm addicted to making icons. My main hobbies are doodling, laughing, listening to music (any kind, but mostly american + kpop!), hanging out, eating food, computer, and shopping. I love making friends so if you wanna add me be sure to read my first post. I won't bite xP

CREDITS; layout by resplandor, F.O Banner by me!
RESOURCES; brushes/scripts/actions/textures/tutorials from swimchick.net, night-fate, hijue. * images from asianfanatics.net & myspace.
thank you very much!~ :3